April 30, 2006

Endless Summer

After many moons, it is true. Our debut self-titled record is now available!!

This record is a strictly digital release and is now available on Stay Gold Pony Boy - Stay Gold Pony Boy
(yes you can click that sucker!) and soon to follow on all major online retail outlets.

We'd like to thank David M. Grant for the awesome cover which is an actual painting by him created especially for us. You can also view the liner notes for the record here. We'll be making the completed package available for download as a PDF so you can print your very own!

Keep posted for a full website redesign, the launch of For Once Records (an all new digital record label run by P.F. Tug) and even possible new music from the vaults as they say. Also - just to keep up with the kids - come visit us on Myspace. We're particularly interested in sexual predators who like walks on the beach and gentle love bites on the back of the neck.

In other news we're insanely excited to announce that a track from our record entitled Midnight Frankenstein (available on our music page) is featured in Sony's Dance Dance Revolution UltraMix 3 for the XboX. Now you can get down with the Pony in the privacy of your own console!!

Finally - last but not least - it is true. The music industry has been buzzing with rumors and rank speculation so we must set the record straight:

SGPB officially returned to the primordial ooze of bandom in the Fall of 2005.

It is true. We are no longer playing together however we are extremely proud to have immortalized the madness in our self-titled record. It is the culmination of a lot of work and we are overjoyed to offer it to you, our loyal minions. This is not the last you've heard from the Pony though. We'll be continuing to work to spread our music to the masses.

In closing, we'd like to thank everyone with the intestinal fortitude to seek out and savor the horrific onslaught that is Stay Gold Pony Boy.

Never fear though, the members of SGPB continue to hand the world its collective ass on a platter:

You can find P.F. Tug & Lord Negatron cock rocking to the maxxx in Boyjazz

You can find Denton Naval at the helm of the Long Thaw

You can also find Lord Negatron's heavenly guitar & vocal stylings in Grazer

Check'em out, keep checking the site, and sign up for the email list if you like what ya hear! The list is still active and will only be used to alert you to any SGPB related items such as the launch of the new site (with tons of pictures & new media) & possible "deep in the crates" tracks from our fabled career as henchmen of the apocalypse.

... and so it is with great sadness that I leave you. However the sadness is tinged with great hope for the future and the realization that the Golden Pony's journey is just beginning as we launch our music toward the infinite horizon of the Interweb. We thank you, the first, the loyal, and the well endowed for acting as midwife to our terrible child. Farewell beautiful dreamers, farewell ...

His Highness, Lord PFT Speaketh @ 11:00 PM

July 14, 2005

The Pony Boys Of Summer

After spending the last year sequestered in Surrounded By Yes Men Studios we are happy to announce that we have receieved the mastered copy of our full length LP!!!

We are currently finishing the packaging as we speak and will soon post 3 brand new MP3s from the record. We expect to have the completed record in our grubby little hands in the early Fall and we'll be selling it here so keep checking back for MP3s and updates!

Unfortunately, the Noiserock Picnic gig (Aug 6th) has been cancelled as the park has been reserved for use that day - sorry about that! We'll keep you posted on further gigs as they develop, make sure you sign up on the email list to keep abreast of all things golden ...

His Highness, Lord PFT Speaketh @ 01:33 PM

April 22, 2005


That's right, y'all. Forget what you heard. Act like you knew. On Sunday, May 8, the Horrific Onslaught® of Stay Gold Pony Boy returns to the source: Oakland! And we're hooking up with stalwart hometown heroes, Replicator, as well as the pride of Wisconsin, Ifihadahifi, to do this right. So put on your dancing shoes, oil up your rubber pants, and come on down to The Golden Bull for some early evening catharsis.

$5 | 6pm | 21+

(Don't be tardy; the Gold Pony opens!)

His Highness, Lord Denton Speaketh @ 09:31 AM

March 09, 2005


Once again, earth children, it is over. Once again, children of the earth, it has begun. Without remorse, the cycle continues, gleefully rendering inconsequential the illusory inevitability of the purported linear. Towards whom or what should we bow our heads in gentle supplication? The aeons care not for our entreaties...

Embrace the unrepentance of the revolutionary, and celebrate the return of Spring with the Gold Pony!

Stay Gold Pony Boy

Sunday, March 20, 9:00 p.m.
Thee Parkside, 1600 17th St.
San Francisco
21 and over, $3

His Highness, Lord Denton Speaketh @ 07:38 PM

November 05, 2004


... and as the first dew of morning kissed the engorged tips of the tanned hills which clench the valley that is our home, the golden pony trotted confidently out from its solitude into the great wonder of the world ...

It is with great honor that I announce, as of last night, that SGPB has officially finished tracking our debut album!! We shall now take the sonic spoils of our loins and mesh them together into a rich tapestry of ridiculousness. Expect the complete LP to be released in the first half of 2005. Be sure to join the email list to be the first on your block to get the rock!!

If you can't wait that long, you can hear 3 teasers on our M3Ps page. We recommend you put these in your iPod and set them to random shuffle while enjoying a tepid bath of lavender and essence of wormwood - shaken not stirred.

As you may recall, in an effort to infect our countrymen and women, we pressed the limited edition advance EP "It Hangs Above You" for our Summer 2004 tour:


This is available at all Stay Gold Pony Boy shows for $5 (along with T-Shirts and other exclusive PonyWear) but, if you promise not to tell anyone else on the Interweb[tm], we will also mail you a copy for $6.50 (that includes shipping). Just contact us to make the arrangements, we do accept PayPal.

Even more exciting, this EP has already garnered praise from that most elusive of beasts THE PRESS. Check out this review of "It Hangs Above You" !! Awesome, gotta hand it to the S.F. Bay Guardian, they really do give us local bands great exposure. Thanks ya'll!

While mixing our album, we will be playing more shows and working on new material. We're looking forward to sharing our ruckus with the world and more good times. Every year the pony grows a little wiser, yet more ludicrous. Thank you for encouraging us. Without you, we would have very large psychiatric bills and no friends.


P.S. - You may notice the absence of comments on our site. After squandering all of our money on online gambling, lengthing our penises to unheard of sizes, ordering canadian drugs, tieing our assets up in mortgages, and many sleepless nights wondering if the sexy co-eds would ever email us back (i miss you!, lol XOXOX ROFLWAFFLE), we have decided to close down the comment portion of this blog. Please don't let it discourage you from contacting us!

His Highness, Lord PFT Speaketh @ 12:34 PM

September 24, 2004

Stay in Your Lane

On Friday, October 1, a primed and pumped Stay Gold Pony Boy returns to its home base... Oakland's pride and joy... the legendary... French Fry Factory!

Joining us in this joyful, raucous reunion will be the eminent:

The Hot Rollers (Seattle)
The Nervous Breakdowns

Band order will be determined by a seer's reading of an eviscerated Republican's entrails. Come smell the magic!

$5 | All Ages | 9pm

His Highness, Lord Denton Speaketh @ 01:34 PM

September 07, 2004

The Way of the Masters

Well, lookie here. If this doesn't constitute a perfect fit for the Stay Gold Pony Boy modus operandi, nothing does:

a celebration of highly invasive art and music

Prozack Turner and Mark Stretch of Foreign Legion
Stay Gold Pony Boy
Inspector Double Negative & The Equal Positives
Kid Beyond
Felicia and Coctopus

... plus DJ sets by Nashville Sal and DJ Kitty, and art installations by Andrew Shoultz, Eric Groff, Caleb Sonik Neelon, Christopher A. Reuss, S.P. One, & Erica Sheets.

Friday, Sept. 10 at Liminal Gallery
8pm | $7 | All Ages


Way? Way.

His Highness, Lord Denton Speaketh @ 02:59 PM

September 02, 2004



Greenlight the Bombers
Stay Gold Pony Boy
The Building Press
Meanest Man Contest

Friday, Sept 3, 7:30 p.m.
iMusicast, 5429 Telegraph Ave
All Ages, $8


His Highness, Lord Denton Speaketh @ 05:53 PM

August 16, 2004

Two BBQs, side by each, clenched tightly

Stay Gold Pony Boy is back from our first tour, and we're rocking harder than ever! Be sure to check our wrap up in the Shows section for a complete tour report. On the immediate horizon, however, it's gun be a bizzy dizzy weekend for the Gold Pony...

On the Frisco side of things, the Noiserock Picnic is set to wreck all in Portrero Del Sol Park on Saturday, August 21, at 2pm. The festivities, including hot BBQ action, will be happening on the east side of the park, so the best parking will be had on San Bruno. This show is FREE and all ages are welcome. The all star line up:

Greenlight the Bombers
El Buzzard
Stay Gold Pony Boy
Me Infecto

On the Oakbooty side of things, our good buddies from Olympia, Bee's Knees (think noiserock by way of Hüsker Dü and the Minutemen), will be joining us and Sinombre for yet another BBQ fandango, this time at The Noodle Factory. Sunday, August 22, 3pm, all ages, $3-$5 suggested donation -- no one turned away for lack of funds...

His Highness, Lord Denton Speaketh @ 11:34 AM

June 29, 2004


It is with great honour and excitement that I announce our very first:


This may be our biggest event yet. Not only is it a Toga Party at one of our favorite venues in the world, The French Fry Factory in Oakland, but we are playing with 3 humongoid bands:

The Coachwhips
The Mae Shi
The Punks

As if this isn't fancy enough, it is The Record Release Party for our dear friends the Mae Shi who are releasing a record on fancy-ass 5RC/KRS. They don't want it to be their record release and we don't care cuz we love them!!!

But back to the TOGA TOGA TOGA'S!!!!

The deal is this -> July 31st - 9pm - $5 with a Toga or $7 without a Toga

It's only $2, but the ridicule you will face should you appear TOGA-LESS will be
priceless . . .

His Highness, Lord PFT Speaketh @ 04:50 PM

June 15, 2004


Stay Gold Pony Boy returns to San Francisco to once again raise the black standard of affrontery and vice! It's...

New Expression 4: Summer in the City
on Thursday, June 24th, 8pm at the RX Gallery.

Featuring the comedic sketches and videos of our lovely sponsors for this evening of sopping unmentionables, the winged gorillas at Lunchboxing...

... as well as music by:
Stay Gold Pony Boy
Meanest Man Contest
Soft Thug
dj nofriends

... and, lastly but certainly not leastly, art by:
Ela Boyd
Matt Decker
Jana Flynn
Peter Gronquist
Andy Hawgood
Micheal Page
mr rogers
Michelle Romo
Sita Rupe
Angela Scirvani

Thursday, June 24th, 8pm - 2am
$7-$15 sliding scale donation
RX Gallery
132 Eddy Street @ Mason
1 Block west of Powell Street BART

Blablabla GO!

His Highness, Lord Denton Speaketh @ 12:28 PM

June 03, 2004


It's official: summer is finally here. And what better way to herald the return of long days and sparsely-clad lookers than to soak up some free Sunday afternoon sounds over waffles and iced mochas at Oakland's finest café, gallery, and hub of the local art community, Mama Buzz...

Stay Gold Pony Boy
Grazer (debut performance!)

Sunday, June 13, 1:00 p.m.
Mama Buzz Café, 2318 Telegraph Ave. Oakland

We're easy like Sunday... afternoon.

His Highness, Lord Denton Speaketh @ 11:15 AM

May 22, 2004


Thanks to everyone who came out to the Castle on Friday. Check out the SGPB shows page for the complete roundup of the evening, courtesy of yours truly.

Our next few shows are in the works and promise to be gooduns. We will be posting information about these shortly...

In the meantime, you must listen to the second new MP3 from our upcoming EP. It's "Bad Team" and you can find it in on our SGPB music page.

We'll meet you behind the Jim.

His Highness, Lord Denton Speaketh @ 05:03 PM

May 04, 2004

Like A Master

I am proud to announce the first posting of a new MP3 in many moon's by SGPB. You can find it in our music section This is the first official mix off our upcoming EP and we're glad we can share it with ya'll. Expect more soon and enjoy!

His Highness, Lord PFT Speaketh @ 04:39 PM

April 26, 2004

The Best Laid Men of Plans

Well, well, well... looks like Stay Gold Pony Boy has been extended the honor of participating in May's installment of Edinburgh Castle's monthly showcase of bands, Club Awexome. Will SGPB rock it? Of course we will...

Further assurance of a truly raucous evening's worth of auditory stimulation is being provided by local heavyweights Sinombre and Pidgeon.

Come now, and witness firsthand the magical transformation of the Castle's cozy listening room into a sonic whirlpool of rock and ribaldry!

Friday, May 21 · 950 Geary St, SF

$5 / 21+ / 9pm

His Highness, Lord Denton Speaketh @ 02:59 PM

April 19, 2004

Never Gonna Let Ya Go

Thanks to all who came out to our show at the French Fry Factory! Great venue, great bands, best night evAr!! We had a blast and hope to return to the venue and play with the awesome bands again.

As always Check Out Our Shows Section! for a complete report on the night.

We have some gigs in the works:

We are going to play Club Awexome at The Edinburgh Castle May 21st - stay tuned for more details!

We are also looking into playing at our favorite coffee shop in all of Oakland - Mama Buzz Cafe. It will be a sunny day time Sunday gig so definitely keep your eyes peeled for more details on this.

We are also working overtime to mix our EP. We hope to have something online ASAP for you to check out and definitely expect to have copies of the album available this summer at our shows!!

Otherwise take care - may the rock be with you.

His Highness, Lord PFT Speaketh @ 01:41 PM

March 24, 2004


Okay. This time for real. Stay Gold Pony Boy plus these cats:

The Mae Shi (Los Angeles)
The Weegs

... on Saturday night, April 17, in the French Fry Factory at 278 4th St. Oakland.

The French Fry Factory is the diametric opposite of a crappy bar. That fact alone warrants your attendance; nevermind that this is the most hardy and well-balanced line up of bands ever.

Ambient sustenance will be provided sonically by DJ Megaweapon.

Come now, malnourished ones. Come suckle upon the restorative teat of brilliance...

Five dollars, all ages, nine o'clock.

His Highness, Lord Denton Speaketh @ 06:48 PM

March 08, 2004

We're Only In It For The Gold

Hey ya'll!! Thanks to all who came out to the Edinburgh! For more info checkout Denton's Report on the shows page.

As well as the completion of the recording my dear Negatron has alluded to in the last post, we have a show tentatively scheduled for April 17th in the works so keep the date open for now. We're shooting for a special venue in the East Bay. If you have an ideas or want some great bands to play your house party, wherehouse, house boat, trailer, etc . . . let us know! Its gonna be with some old friends and some new ones, but you can best believe that its gonna kick butt. So keep checking back for show updates and maybe even a new MP3 !!

His Highness, Lord PFT Speaketh @ 12:56 PM

March 02, 2004

Recording Update

For those of you keeping tabs, just wanted to let you know that our home recording project is going well. We're working on a 6 song E.P., which, yes, contains our Thrillogy. We've taken care of the basic tracking, and have begun the process of laying down vocal tracks and overdubs and layering tracks. Mixing should begin soon, and we'll post mp3s as soon as they come in off the presses. Stay tuned!

His Highness, Lord Negatron Speaketh @ 03:47 PM

February 13, 2004


It is with great pleasure and unbounded enthusiasm that Stay Gold Pony Boy heralds their much anticipated return to the bold glories of live musical perfomance in San Francisco!

On the evening of Friday, March 5, in the cozy listening room of the Edinburgh Castle at 950 Geary St, SGPB shall once again raise the din of blast rock, headlining a bill featuring the following formidable purveyors of aural smithery:

Roma 79
Heaven is a Hotel (Texas)
Early Lines (Texas)

Many a fortnight has passed with naught but furtive whispers regarding the past glories of the SGPB juggernaut unleashed. How many brows furrowed at the prospect of not obtaining experiential knowledge of that which is Stay Gold Pony Boy? Well, furrow no more, distressed brow; you're concerns are allayed. For, as has often been said in the parlance of these wonderfully degenerate times...

In a manner comparable to that of Donkey Kong, it is, indeed, on.

His Highness, Lord Denton Speaketh @ 02:20 PM

February 04, 2004


The new website was granted,
And it was good.

We are happy to introduce our brand spanking new website!!!

Interactive, simple, and brown - everything the Internet *should* be. You can even comment and leave us messages!!! I can barely contain my CSS. Tell us what you think.

Everything in PonyLand[tm] is peachy keen right now. We just got back from perhaps our best show evAr in Los Angeles. Read Denton's take in the shows section. We are in the process of mixing our new EP (which includes the thrilogy), we have new T-Shirts for sale (soon online), a new website up, and i have an armadillo in my trowsers. Things couldn't be better.

Coming Soon: Merch Section, Debut EP, More Shows, "Ask Jolson" (Gear Talk with Buck Wilde), and much much more . . .

Stay Tuned. We're in the process of booking shows for the New Year and will let you know ASAP so keep checking back and/or signup on our mailing list !!!

His Highness, Lord PFT Speaketh @ 11:18 PM